Getting Started with Finley

You can find the progress of your implementation process from the homepage. Once the implementation process is complete, you’ll be able to access the full suite of Finley’s products. The sidebar on the left side of the dashboard shows each of Finley’s different modules: Credit Agreements, Reports, Funding Requests, Insights, Statements, and Deliverables.

At the top right of each page you’ll find a dropdown box where you can toggle between multiple credit facilities if necessary. If you change credit facilities, the change will be implemented across the other pages.

Key Features

  • The Insights page can be used to see an overview of your funding trends, borrowing base, and cost of capital. You can see a detailed breakdown on the eligibility status of your assets as well as your concentration limits.

  • You can submit funding requests and view the status of existing funding requests from the tab on the left. Finley automates the reporting requirements and checks the status of your credit facility to make this a seamless process.

  • You can use the Deliverables page to view and fulfill all upcoming reporting requirements due to your capital provider.

Learn More

To schedule a live Finley training session or for access to a recorded training of Finley, reach out to your Finley point of contact via email, or contact

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