The Deliverables tab lists upcoming items deliverable to your lender as outlined in the credit agreement. Examples include financial statements, compliance certificates, and borrowing base reports that must be submitted on a set cadence to maintain compliance. Here, you can see where in the credit agreement each deliverable is contained, the date on which it is due, as well as its status.

Hint: The page shows all deliverables due within the next 90 days.


Deliverables are organized in order of urgency. From the tabs at the top, you can view deliverables due within the next 30 days, next 90 days, and past deliverables. The tabs also show how many deliverables are contained in each column. By clicking on the deliverable, you can see more specifics, including the deliverable ID, required documents, and the description from the credit agreement.

Hint: By hovering above certain items, such as the required documents and credit agreement section, you can find additional details


The status of each deliverable is listed in the rightmost column. It will be labeled as either not submitted, overdue, completed, or waived. You can adjust the status of each deliverable by clicking on the status dropdown box.


You will receive notifications about upcoming deliverables via Slack and email. An update will be sent in your weekly digest when a deliverable is due within 90 days. From there, cadences for notifications will vary depending on the timing of the deliverable.

For deliverables due on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, an email notification will be sent 30 days before it is due, and a slack notification will be sent 7 days in advance. For deliverables due on a weekly basis, an email notification will be sent 7 days in advance and a slack notification will be sent 3 days in advance.

You will receive additional notifications for deliverables that are overdue, and you will also receive notifications when the status of a deliverable has been updated or completed.

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